Success Stories
Welcome good health into your health
Ms. C  Bhavana
Hi,I'm Bhavana and this is the first time I have taken up a diet plan. I joined the Homeomantra's 3 month diet plan for Thyroid which consists of 10 diet schedules, 3 yoga sessions and doctor consultations. The diet consisted of all the items that are easily available which made it easy for me to adhere to the plan. I got habituated to the plan quickly. After a few weeks into the plan, I could observe many changes like l was no more tired and my body did not look as swollen and bulgy as before. Weight was also one of my major concerns and I lost almost 5 kgs through diet and yoga. Now, i have become more cautious about the food I take and this has changed my lifestyle and daily routine. Though the yoga sessions were conducted remotely they were very interactive and was scheduled as per my convenience.The positive changes I could see in myself from time to time kept me motivated all through this journey.At the end of 3 months, when I got my blood test done I could see a considerable change and good results. 
My heartfelt thanks to Homeomantra,  Preetha Nair Ma'am, Smitha Ma'am, Sita Ma'am and Aarya Desai Ma'am.
Mr. Somayajulu (Sai)
Hi, I am Sai; I have underwent the Homeomantra’s Diet Plan for 3 months. I have just loved it, what is the best thing about that is it is very organic and they consumes it according you, I mean they take each and every detail of you, starting from the measurement of the waist to your habits, They make it sure that they are giving the best to you and they are really handy.
I really enjoyed and found reasonable change in my body and health.
Mrs. Beena Mohan
Hi, I am Beena Mohan; I like to mention here that I have been with the diet programme for 22 weeks Homeomantra under the guidelines of Dr Preetha Nair and Nutritionist Seetha Lakshmi. I have got benefited from the programme as I am a Diabetic patient and Hypertension, I could see drastic changes in my blood sugar reading and BP, so I would like to recommend this programme to everyone who is interested because it really helps you, it not like you have to go starve things like that and it is like a proper meal plan is executed and given to you and you have to follow the simple steps given to you along with it. The guide from Homeomantra and Seetha Lakshmi is really awesome. I would like to suggest that to take this diet plan and get befitted from this.
S V V N Malli Kumar
Hi, This is Mallikumar, iam very much satisfied on treatment and Diet programme at Homeomantra and our doctor Preetha Nair Madam. Since many years our whole family takes treatment at Homeomantra.Thank you so much for your kindness, sincere caring, concern and every day of my life will be better because of you.
Rajeshwari Gopalakrishnan
First of all I would like to congratulate Team Homeomantra for coming up with such a holistic Program. They aim at promoting overall wellness and kudos to Dr Preetha Nair for designing a program around the idea. A small dose of medicines, a good diet plan, a robust exercise regimen..All are spun together to make youhealthy and happy. My experience was rewarding indeed! Dr Preetha decided my medicines after thoroughly going through my health record, she is really approachable, sweet and understanding, very encouraging too! Dietician tried her best to put me on a diet best suited for me. The Exercise instructor introduced me to an exercise package addressing my specific needs.  Some of the tips for my shoulder pain were really effective.  This was finally topped by some yoga therapy session also, again with my needs in view which gave me a good lesson on moderation. Smitha was most accommodative is assigning me session as per my convenience., even when I had to travel in between the program.  The schedules made were seldom modified. The program also affords a practical follow up plan which is absolutely necessary for maintain the result achieved.
Thank you Dr Preetha and team once again! Hope to meet you again with my present wellness intact!
God be with you all!